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Unleashing Delhi Solar Potential

Unleashing Delhi solar potential is an in-depth analysis of the potential for Roof Top in Delhi. Since Delhi is facing a potential electricity crisis. Demand of the Electricity is expected to reach an all-time high of 6000MW this summer. With the crippling power supply situation there is an urgent need to rethink electricity and supply in the city.


Within the last decade Delhi electricity demand rose by an average of 6% every year. From 20 BU in 2002 the demand will reach over 33BU by 2017 a 65% growth. As a capital and second richest state in the country Delhi is in a very good position to take the lead in transitioning to a decentralised,sustainable energy paradigm. For this capital has started a campaign “switch on the sun” campaign. In the coming days the campaign seeks to bring distribution companies, government decision makers, regulatory bodies & electricity consumers all together.

In coordination with RWA’s we have  individual colonies like sukdev vihar , Delhi Pledge their commitment for Roof Top solar.Delhi  can be 2GW solar city by 2020,the total land are on which Delhi is built could support 123GW therefor 2GW will require only 6% of the city land. The First Step toward positioning solar Roof top solar energy as a solution is to understand its potential in the city.